_MG_5143Welcome to the website of LIFE URG, the fertility centre attached to the Regional Hospital Heilig Hart in Leuven, Belgium.

LIFE stands for ‘Leuven Institute for Fertility and Embryology’. This institute covers the scientific and clinical activities of the entire team, both in the hospital and in private, and exists since 1984.

The part of LIFE that is located in the Heilig Hart (Sacred Heart) Hospital is called URG (Unit for Reproductive Medicine). URG is fully licensed to offer its patients all modern fertility treatments, with reimbursement for those patients that are covered by the Belgian health insurance and within specific age limits. This is the unit where all the inseminations, oocyte aspirations and embryo transfers take place, the handling of which is performed in a state of the art andrology and IVF lab. All the frozen so called ‘high security’ straws of sperm, ova and embryos are also stored here. It is in this hospital that we perform our endoscopic procedures (e.g. hysteroscopies, transvaginal hydrolaparoscopies and conventional laparoscopies) and microsurgical operations (i.e. to restore fertility) whenever patients need to be admitted and/or need sedation by an anaesthetist.

We guarantee a high quality of care and personal attention for our patients. We will help you to become parents in the shortest possible time.